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Ceratech Accuratus Limited

Part Number: BIO-CAM900-UWH , EAN13: 5060756096837

Accuratus Bioplastic CAM900 Webcam - Bioplastic Full HD USB Webcam with White Biodegradable Case

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Accuratus Bioplastic CAM900 Webcam - Bioplastic Full HD USB Webcam with White Biodegradable Case

Experience high-quality video calls with the Accuratus Bioplastic CAM900 Webcam. Made from eco-friendly bioplastic, this USB webcam features a compostable case made from natural wheat fibres, reducing its carbon footprint. 

The Accuratus Bioplastic CAM900 Webcam features a slide-able lens cover, providing added security and privacy for your online meetings and conferences. Its full HD resolution and plastic-free housing make it a sustainable choice for your video conferencing needs.

Mouse Features and Specifications

Mouse Features:
• USB ‘plug and play’ wired connection
• Plastic Free housing - Biodegradable & compostable case made from our signature wheatgrass bioplastic. At the end of the products life the case can be easily removed so that it can be biodegraded / composted. The PCBA and wire can also be easily be removed and recycled.
• Designed to work with Microsoft Windows OS
• Slide-able lens cover for privacy
• Full HD resolution : 1920 x 1080p
• True 2MP CMOS sensor without interpolation, REAL 2MP
• Lens : Glass
• FOV (Field of view) : 67 degrees, with focus distance of 8cm +
• Integrated microphone
• An excellent counterpart to your greener and lower carbon footprint computing journey
• Brown box environment friendly packaging with ocean friendly internal packaging, no plastic bags are used the product is wrapped in recycled paper. Paper, plastic free labels are also used on this product
• EAN 13 Barcode No. 5060756096837

Physical Specifications
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 48 x 65 x 96mm
• Weight: 123g

Approvals & Compatibilities
Windows 11 Compatible   UKCA

100% Biodegradeable

Our bioplastic is 100% compostable and biodegradable, breaking down over time.

Fully Plastic Free

Plastic free packaging, labels and most importantly our bioplastic is plastic free.

Right to Repair

Designed so that the product can be easily repaired.

Accuratus Bioplastic CAM900 Webcam - Bioplastic Full HD USB Webcam with White Biodegradable Case


Fully Biodegradeable

The Ceratech Accuratus bioplastic is made using fruit and lignum and available in white, natural, black and a whole host of colours in between. This is a gamechanger for us and part of the journey to recycle and reduce waste in our industry. A large section of our products are already made from recycled plastic but we wanted to take it one step further”

“We had been researching the best bioplastic using renewable biomass resources, however, the existing market products could not offer exactly what was needed for our manufacturing process - so we decided to create our own.



Due to the high percentage of single use carrier bags being found in our oceans, Ceratech Accuratus have introduced a policy to move to Ocean Friendly Packaging accross our whole range of products...

Instead of plastic bags we wrap our products in tissue paper which can be easily recycled.

Exceptional Strength & Durability

This cutting-edge formula has been engineered to deliver exceptional strength and durability, while also being fully biodegradable and completely free from traditional plastics and fossil fuels. By introducing this new bioplastic, we are taking significant strides towards reducing the carbon footprint in our industry.

Our commitment to a circular economy is exemplified by our ability to manufacture both current and future products using this innovative bioplastic formula, meaning this advancement doesn’t just propel the entire IT industry towards a more sustainable future – but our existing customers and products too!