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The NEW Accuratus Contour WIRELESS

Ergonomic Freedom

Bluetooth & RF Multidevice
Split Key Natural Contoured Keyboard

Free Yourself...

The vastly popular Monster 2 range,

Now available in wireless with Multi-device

Bluetooth & RF connectivity


Alternative Energy

Intelligent Portable Power Stations with 100W
Folding Solar Panel & Ultra Safe and Durable
LifePO4 Battery Pack

Accuratus Desk & Mouse Pads

Stylise your workspace...

Washable Smart Card Readers

The Accuratus SC680, perfect for infection control...

Our new Accuratus ECO Range is made using wheat grass polymer which is a bio plastic

Wheatgrass polymer is biodegradable, compostable & safe for our rivers and oceans.

Head Office

Welcome to our new office and warehouse...


Make your remote office productive...


The Accuratus Scandi Speaker...


Our Monster 2 Range & Junior Mouse

Eco Earbuds

Manufactured from Real Wood and Wheat Grass...

Innovative Design

The Accuratus Integer, find your perfect position


A unique ergonomic design


Data input hardware solutions for everybody...

Ceratech is a British registered manufacturer of Input Devices and peripherals, with over 40 years experience, and now has over 500 different models available.

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UK Manufacturing

As part of our 2024 business plan, we will be bringing more of our manufacturing processes back to the United Kingdom. Our mounts, trays and keyguards are all fully manufactured in the UK.

A lot of our IT products rely on component parts manufactured overseas including the chips, PCB’s, cables etc and even the chassis, using our own tooling, are manufactured overseas. We already assemble and program a lot of our keyboards here in the UK allowing us to provide a wide selection of different language layouts quickly and many of our coloured mice are also assembled in the UK.

From January 2024, we will begin assembly in the UK on a wider range of products including more of our keyboard models, bodycams and webcams. This is a long term plan for Ceratech Accuratus Ltd and we appreciate all the customer support we have received to date.

Customer Feedback

Accuratus K82A - This is my third keyboard. It is one of the smallest available on the market. I love the premium feel and quality (the scissor action is so possitive) as well as it's desk saving size (really important for home working). This is actually my 3rd keyboard. I have two more in use and I like them so much that I ordered my 3rd.


Accuratus S35 - Great bit of kit. Not too big so can fit alongside normal keyboard. Lot's of my work requires the use of shortcut key combinations to improve speed and productivity and this makes it a breeze as multiple keystroke combinations can be assigned to a key. Added bonus, less finger fatigue from some of the less convenient combos. Programming is very simple, and it is the work o f seconds to program a key. Very handy if you find yourself having to perform a repetitive set of key strokes (Excel data cleaning is a common one for me), just set up the key strokes required and hey presto, all done with one key press.

Mark Saunders

Accuratus 260 High Vis - The size of the letters and their contrasting yellow markings immediately make using the keyboard less taxing. The quiet responsive action of the keys is a bonus. This is a great purchase.